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My name is Emma Eilbeck and I specialize in telephone and video counselling. I take  people from feeling stuck and stagnant to a feeling of being able to breathe again, like the first breath of fresh air after a bad storm.


 Sometimes in life it is hard just grab an hour for yourself and land in a safe space when you really need to talk to someone. The speed and convenience of online counselling can really help, it saves you a lot of time but still gives you a quality way to look after you and start the come back to who you know you can be.


Often times, when people call me to book a session, they don't even know why they are calling, they just know that they don't feel like themselves anymore. The niggling  feeling of your sparkle being dulled is awful and it really sucks out your happy over time. 

Whether you need a safe person to share with or you want a little help to uncover what is really holding you back right now, my strategy to helping you is simple; I hold a space for you in confidence, I share targeted traction tips to get you moving again and I get to know you, just as you are.

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To a U.K. landline or worldwide Wi-Fi, an hour of " me time" to feel heard in a safe and confidential space.


Share your worries, offload your concerns and re connect to the real you without the drama of having to travel to your sessions.

A package of 5 email sessions to explore your inner thoughts and feelings. Incorperating the therapeutic benefits of writing, this package acts as an interactive journal with sessional prompts, suggestions and additional tools to help you.


Perfect for busy people and different time zones, liberating you to have your session as and when you want it.

One hour of face to face video calling from my private office. A confidential and safe space for you to connect, share and feel heard. 


All you need is a mobile device or computer with camera capability.

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