Personalised guided imagery and relaxation recording- Created especially for you!


Perhaps in the past you have purchased a meditation and wished you could have just made it that little bit more personal? Even though you liked it, perhaps it wasn’t quite right for the unique things you wanted to work on?


Lets face it, you are unique and your guided imagery can be too! Imagine a guided journey tailor made just for you, using your name, and your chosen significant place. Including a set of unique empowering affirmations specific to your situation and desired personal outcomes. The benefit of this personal experience is that you are working with your inner most needs on your terms.



Perhaps you long for a country escape, to let go of stress and anxiety. Somewhere to walk with the beautiful images of nature all around you. Maybe a secluded beach escape, walking barefoot in the warm sand with a light breeze in your hair, or even a woodland walk as you build confidence and self esteem through affirmations. You can create the perfect setting to suit you and your chosen area of self-development.

Regardless of your blocks and limiting beliefs, you can indulge in your own specific, unique and personal healing sound journey. Each personal recording is sent in an mp3 file via email, ready for you to save and play on your chosen device. Your personal recording will last for approximately 20 minutes, the perfect time to fit into a busy, for some well deserved “me” time.


Once you purchase your bespoke meditation, you will recieve a link to your own perosnal journey questionnaire.

Please allow up to five working days for your recording to be created.

Bespoke Meditation MP3


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