Combining the power of introspective journaling and counselling techniques through email to help you to really get to the root of the problem and start making progress.

Have you experienced that nagging voice within your own consciousness that keeps telling you that things could be better?

Do you know in your heart that there is something holding you back or sabotaging you?

Has the shine worn off your New Year promises to yourself, leaving you feeling disillusioned, and not sure where to start?

You want change but it feels like everything you try ends up not working. And possibly feel like a failure or a person that just can't get any traction to move forwards.


This email package is for you if you want: Traction, clarity, insight, tools and tips to help you get unstuck. It is for you if you like the convenience of emails, and if you don’t have time to attend sessions due to work/life commitments.Email sessions put you in control, working around your life.


It starts with an initial email from you where you get straight into where you are now and where you want to be. I'll respond to you with questions that will help you to navigate towards the issues, which we will work on for any length of time that suits you.

We'll have email contact, one from you and one from me, until we have both sent 5 emails each (whether it is one a day, or spaced out over a month or more)  - giving you the chance to explore your feelings, triggers, reactions and epiphanies in a format that you can reflect on, adapt and add to. I'll send you suggestions, exercises and insights that you can save and comment back on in the following email.

There will be no time pressure, and your time zone will not matter - you can send that day's email at any time. I will aim to respond to you within 24-hours. You'll be able to save your email in draft and then go back to review before you send, adding in any challenges and realizations.


These emails will be an online journal of our joint dialogue and will help you to get the traction that you need to in order to affect change in your life. It is a powerful process that could move you towards working with that missing link in your journey towards healing and creating a life you want.


Once you purchase your email package you will receive an email with a link to you introduction letter, detailing the next steps. (Including my dedicated encrypted email address for the email package and some prompts/questions to help you with your first email to me)


I would recommend that you open a secure email account using Proton Mail for our emails together. This is free to set up and you can set a password on each email for added security. (I have a suggested password in the welcome letter that you will receive automatically when you make your purchase) You can open a Proton Mail account here:


Email Sessions Package